Spirit Week 5/22/23 – 5/26/23

A group of students celebrating bikers vs. surfers on day 3 of spirit week.

A group of students celebrating bikers vs. surfers on day 3 of spirit week.

Ja’Lohn Menyweather, Journalist

Spirit Week is back and we want you to participate! Here is what each day will look like so be sure to come prepared and ready to show off your school spirit. We look forward to seeing your creative outfits and accessories.


5/22 Monochromatic Monday: Wear only one color on this day, doesn’t matter what just make sure it’s a singular colored outfit to match the monochromatic theme.


5/23 Beach Day: Dress up like you’re going to the beach! Just at school instead. Shirts are required of course. We recommend wearing swimming trunks on this day and other swimming attire such as goggles, swimming caps, sunglasses, etc.

A student inside of a floaty, celebrating beach day on day 2 of spirit week.

5/24 Biker vs Surfer: Are you more of a surfer or a biker? Wear whichever theme you best relate to on this day. Shirts are still required for the surfers.

5/25 College Merch Day: Thursday is the day where you can finally wear all those random college items you’ve gathered for some reason, go wild.


5/26 Lazy/Pj Friday: As the title says Friday is pajama day, wear your favorite pajamas without shame or your laziest outfit with pride.


If you enjoyed this Spirit Week be sure to send ASB your thoughts and recommendations for future themes. Big thanks to ASB for making this all possible. Have a wonderful Spirit Week!

ASB Contact information:

School Email: rowena.mccullough@rentonschools.us (Primary)

School Phone: (425) 204-3476

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