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Lourdes Gary FCCLA Nationals

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Nationals


On March 7th, the Renton FCCLA Chapter competed in many various events such as the Cupcake Competition, the Job Interview, the Children for Thought, and more! One student is able to compete at NLC 24’ (National Leadership Conference). Lourdes Gary competed in Fashion Construction Level 3 (junior level). She placed first and scored high enough points to make it to the international level. Lourdes spent months practicing and perfecting her dress. She worked very hard on this in school, outside of school, and in her free time.

To start off this interview, I ask Lourdes, “What made you join FCCLA and what inspired your dress?” Lourdes replied, “Nothing inspired me really. I joined because Mrs. McCullough saw that I made my winter formal dress, and she told me that I should join and that all I had to do was make a presentation for the competition. It’s funny because before my first regionals I got sick and didn’t finish my presentation. I called her and said I didn’t really want to go, but she told me I could just finish it there and it’d be fine. So I ended up going and I moved on. I created a dress. What inspired me was a drawing I made a while ago of this character that I formed in my head. She could control the weather and I thought it was cool. I knew I had to make a dress for FCCLA, but I didn’t really have any idea. So, I thought I’d just make that dress since it was my dream dress. The way I got the final design was through an Instagram pole I ran. I made a plant themed version of the dress and a water themed version, and the water one ended up winning.” It’s great to hear Lourdes explain what inspired her dress and why. 

Lourdes is also a Running Start student. I ask her, “What is it like balancing school, clubs, and conferences?” Lourdes says, “I actually have a really hard time balancing all the things I do because I like to be involved with everything.” As I talk to Lourdes, I realize she is a very busy individual with her agenda of events. Lourdes mentions a fashion program that she’s interested in entering during her senior year, “When I get to my senior year, the fashion program I want to enter is going to take up most of my time.” As busy as Lourdes is, she has her future planned out. “The national conference takes place right as my summer class starts which isn’t great. I love doing a lot of things, but ultimately I just have to choose what I really think will be the most meaningful for me and my future.”

Another question I ask Lourdes is, “Are you excited for nationals? Is this your first time at nationals?” Lourdes replied “I am very excited for nationals. This is my second time going and I really enjoyed it last year. I wish it wasn’t in Seattle so that I could visit a new state, but I’m sure it will still be cool nonetheless. I’m more excited for next year because that’s in Florida.”   

I ask a question that will help others understand what FCCLA does and why they should join. I asked Lourdes, “Does FCCLA help your future? How?” Lourdes said, “FCCLA does help me with my future plans because I definitely plan to go into the fashion industry and it has helped prepare me in some ways, mostly when it comes to the more business-like aspects of fashion and clothes.” FCCLA helps you figure out your possible career choices while providing support along the way. Excellent job to Lourdes Gray!  We all wish her the best of luck at NLC 24’ in Seattle, Washington.  


(Picture of Lourdes with her medal)


(Picture of Lourdes obtaining her medal)

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