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Kendrick Lamar Responds to Drake’s Diss with his Own

On April 19th, Drake released a diss track titled “Push-Ups”. This song refers to Kendrick Lamar sharing 50% of his label and it was also a response to Kendrick’s diss that was made on the song “likethat” by Metro Boomin And Future. In the song he stated, “Mother***k the big three, it’s JUST BIG ME”. He references ‘big three’ since fans of the hip-hop community see Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake as the big three due to their sales and impact on the rap game. The reason behind Kendrick’s diss is because Drake featured J.Cole on his song “First Person Shooter Mode” in which J.Cole said that he, Drake, and Kendrick are the top three. This line led to Kendrick’s diss, which in turn led to a response from J.Cole on his own song “7 Minute Drill” that he later took back.

(Kendrick Lamar sitting on chair) 

This whole mess started a war between Drake and most rappers. For example, Rick Ross, Future, Kanye West, NAV, and Kendrick Lamar. After Drake’s diss, Rick Ross made his own diss. A lot of people were anticipating Kendrick Lamar’s response after Drake spoke about his wife, which could’ve added more fuel to the fire. 

Now Kendrick Lamar’s response in ‘Euphoria’ that he released on the 30th of April, was great. People might argue that it’s not as great as Drake’s diss due to the fact it’s not a pop club song, in which Drake’s diss has more replayability and is more catchy.

(Drake at Euphoria’s season finale premier) 

Did Kendrick Lamar’s song live up to the hype? Let’s take a look. First of all, the song is called “Euphoria” and that might be insinuating towards Drake being an executive producer for the show by the same name. Normally, that wouldn’t be anything bad but due to the nature of the show and the jokes, people make fun of Drake, calling him a ‘Child Predator’.

Kendrick talks about how Drake is not a good father and how Drake isn’t black so he can’t say the N word. Kendrick says that he knows something about Drake, involving the federal government. He didn’t outright say it but in his lyrics, “I know some sh*t about n****s that would make Gunna look like a saint.”

Another bar is, “I pray they my real homies if not, I’m YNW Melly.” YNW Melly is another rapper that is on trial for supposedly killing his friends. In this case, Kendrick is talking about Drake and J.Cole.  Just a few bars earlier he says, “It’s no accent you can sell me huh.” He says this because Drake is known for using accents to appeal to more people worldwiderencing Gunna, another rapper that is known for snitching. Through his lyrics Kendrick is implying that Drake has snitched, but on a much bigger scale.

Kendrick said a lot in this song, like how he “Shouldn’t step to me but instead Pusha T.” Because Pusha T and Drake had supposed ‘beef’ in which Pusha T destroyed him and Drake hasn’t responded since.

(Side by side pictures of Kendrick Lamar and Drake)

There is much to be desired from both. Now who has won the battle is still up for debate. Many believe that Drake has won in the aspect of internet fame when it comes to his diss. Many others believe that Kendrick Lamar won in terms of rap. All that’s left is for Drake to respond. With fans not knowing if he will make a response, all they can do is wait for Drake.


If you want a more in depth lyrical analysis of the song take a look here at genius lyrics:

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