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Class of 2024 Prom: The Implementation of it All

The Class of 2024 had their prom on May 18, 2024, with a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed event. The prom was located at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. RHS seniors joined together to celebrate their achievements and challenges of their high school years. The class of 2024 President, Brigitte Camarillo-Martinez, explains the process and preparation of preparing for prom. Two other seniors also talked about their experiences and takeaways from the event. Read along as we explain Prom 2024 and the implementation of this eye-catching and glorious event!

(A group photo of RHS seniors posing for a picture)

(A group photo of the Homecoming court)


The class of 2024 was able to set up a spectacular set of food, sweet treats, and drinks, including cookies, brownies, banana bread, juice, etc. With that, there was an amazing crowd of students dancing to their favorite music and taking memorable photos that will last forever. One of the most memorable moments during prom was walking through the art gallery. Glass sculptures such as “Seaform Chihuly” by Dale Chihuly outside the venue and “The Salmon School” by Joseph G. Rossano inside were overall the most fantastic and remarkable to view. There were also hands-on workshops where students could use their time to color, paint, and have fun with interactive art pieces that helped students enjoy their special event. The class of 2024 really did put their time and effort into making this prom one of the best ones yet.

(A photo of “The Salmon School” glass art by Joseph G. Rossano)

(A photo of the “Seaform Chihuly” glass art by Dale Chihuly)


“Planning for prom was one of the most chaotic things I’ve ever done, and it was very hard to come up with ideas or what the theme would be,” Brigitte mentions. An important aspect that Brigitte wanted to include for the event was having it located in a city, which led to the decision of choosing Tacoma. Other aspects she wanted to include were beautiful decorations, a DJ, and food that all people would enjoy. Moreover, the most challenging part of the preparation was contacting different venues, especially seeing how much each venue cost and getting responses back from people. However, it was an enjoyable experience for Brigitte to get a tour of the venues. Ultimately, she hoped all seniors attending prom would look forward to the Museum of Glass exhibits. She explains, “They’re open, so you can walk through and see them. Also, I hope they have a good time and take a lot of cute photos.”

(A photo of RHS students doing hands on drawing in the art gallery)

(A photo of the displayed food and drinks)


Ryan Nguyen (RHS senior) and Jayda Evans (RHS senior) share their thoughts after attending the event. Both RHS students called their experience enjoyable and fun, especially being able to look at the themes of different rooms in the museum. They had fun being able to spend time with their friends and taking elegant pictures with them. Ryan believes that the Class of 2024 did a great job of choosing the place for the event. He also believes that the best part of his prom night was the dance and the gallery of arts. Jayda says seeing everyone dressed up and being together was the best part of her night. Jayda had a great time, made new significant memories, and enjoyed excellent music, which were the goals that the class of 2024 had hoped to reach.

(A group photo of RHS Seniors posing for a picture)

(A group photo of teachers/staff)


With that being said, we would like to congratulate the class of 2024 for the hardwork and dedication to this year’s prom. Thank you to Mrs. Carlson for guiding the class of 2024 to success and all the teacher/staff volunteers and helpers for taking the time out of their day to help set up and supervise the event. The class of 2024 prom was spectacular and we wish for more to come in the following years!


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