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A Tour of Spain

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in a different country? Maybe you’ve considered going to Barcelona, Spain. Well, lucky enough I was blessed with an opportunity to go to Barcelona for two weeks, and as I was there, I got to explore some famous places. If you ever get the opportunity to go, you can use this as a guide!

(Picture of La Familia Sagrada)

The temple ‘La Familia Sagrada’ is a church currently under construction in Barcelona, Spain. It is the largest unfinished catholic church in the world. It was designed by a Catalina architect, Antoni Gaudi on March 19, 1982. The art forms behind this design are Gothic and Curvilinear Art Nouveau. From the moment La Familia Sagrada was a thought, Guadi devoted the rest of his life to this architect and he is buried in the church’s crypt. After Gaudi passed away in 1926, less than a quarter of the project was complete. In July 1939, the project had to be put on hold because of the Spanish civil war. Fai had set fire to the crypt and broke their way into the workshop, destroying Gaudi’s original plans. It was planned to have this project finished by 2026, but La Familia Sagrada had to face another challenge when COVID-19 was discovered, forcing the workers to slow down on their progress. Recently it was revealed that 2026 is still the aimed goal for the completion of La Familia Sagrada. 

 (Picture of Parc De La Ciutadella)

The Parc De La Ciutadella is a park in Spain Barcelona along the northeastern edge of Ciutat Vella. For decades, it was the city’s only green space. This park includes a zoo, a museum, and a fountain with lots of land space included. The large fountain was designed by Josep Fontsere with some potential help from Antoni Gaudi. This fountain is called the Cascada and it is located at the northern corner of the park opposite of the lake. The process of building this fountain began in 1881 and ended in 1888. The zoo of Barcelona is located in the Parc De La Ciutadella. From 1966 to 2003 the zoo was a home to the famous albino gorilla, Snowflake, which attracted many tourists. Lastly, the final attraction for this park is the museum. The Museum of Natural Science is a museum dedicated to zoology and geology both sited in the park. The Museum of Zoology was opened from 1882 to 2010, and the Museum of Geology was opened from 1920 to 2010. As of right now, the museums are sadly closed due to the planning of new functions for them.

(Picture of Barcelona Cathedral) 


The Barcelona Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and the Saint Eulalia, is the Gothic cathedral of Spain, Barcelona. The cathedral was constructed in the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. The cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona who is a co-patron saint of Barcelona. The cathedral began to be built in 1298 and was finished in 1420. The two architects for the cathedral are Josep Oriol Mestres I Esplugas and August Font I Carreras.


Travel Information: 

Are you now wondering how to get there? Well from my experience my family decided it was best to take two different flights the same day. We left Seatac Airport and headed to Germany for our layover spot. The flight from Seattle to Germany took about 10 hours. From Germany, we went to Barcelona, Spain. That flight was 2 hours long. My family thought it would be best for all of us if we had some time off the airplane which is why we went the route of getting a layover. In total for us to get to Barcelona, Spain we traveled for 15 hours. Now on our way back we went a different way and went from Barcelona, Spain to Toronto, Canada. This flight took us 9 hours and for our layover time, it was roughly around 4 hours. From Canada, we made it back home to Seattle, Washington. This last flight was 5 hours long. In total, it took us 17 hours to make it from Barcelona, Spain to back home in Seattle Washington.

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