Winter Formal Dance 2023

Nadine Kirana and Kayla Chao

Hey RHS!! We recently just had our winter formal dance which is the first winter dance we’ve had in several years. Hopefully, you had the time to come to the dance and enjoy it with us but if not, here’s what you missed.


Photo of students dancing in the cafeteria


The winter formal dance has finally been brought back up in 2023 after several years. A Winter Formal is a high school dance that takes place during the chilly winter months. It is similar to prom but tends to be open to all students. This year’s theme was “Winter Fantasia” and everyone who came looked so good. Compared to homecoming, the winter dance had activities to do such as karaoke and games that also came with prizes. Let’s not forget about the awesome DJ that played our favorite songs!


Winter Formal tickets “Winter Fantasia”




Photo of the DJ


We had an amazing time at the Winter Formal dance and I hope you did too. This was such an amazing event and we hope ASB can hold an occasion like this for us again in the future. We hope to see you there at the next dance event, don’t miss out!