Easter: A Gift-Giving Holiday


Picture of a Bunny in a Basket.

Aniyah Barrington


Easter has just passed this April 9th and I’d like to share some brief history about this memorable holiday and how it’s typically celebrated! Easter came about in the early days of Christianity and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The word “Easter” could have possibly come from the work of St. Bede The Venerable, who wrote the history of the conversion to Christianity by The Anglo-Saxons. In his writings, he talked about an Anglo-Saxon and German Fertility called Eostre. Eostre used symbols that included eggs and rabbits, just like Easter. Easter is very important to many families because it’s a time to get together and celebrate with your loved ones.


The Easter Bunny

The first appearance of the Easter Bunny came about in Germany and was then brought to America. In today’s culture, the Easter Bunny is just another character like Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny teaches children to always be on their best behavior by rewarding them with a whole basket of goods on Easter morning.


Easter Eggs

In the ancient Mediterranean basin, eggs were seen as a symbol of fertility and new life. There are many theories to demonstrate why Christians use an egg as a symbol, but the Christians of Mesopotamia dyed the eggs red for the blood of Jesus. In Etruscan tomb paintings, you can see people holding an egg that symbolizes the afterlife. In Africa, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt, they used to paint ostrich eggs, engrave, and then place them inside tombs. There is also evidence to suggest that when a chick is born from an egg, it is symbolized as an empty tomb which Jesus emerged from.


Easter Hunt

An Easter hunt is usually for children that use either real or artificial eggs that are decorated and colored. Inside these eggs are chocolate candies or even chocolate-covered eggs! Sometimes, there are more special prizes inside of chocolate, like small gifts, money, etc. 


Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity, and it’s a great holiday for the family. It’s also a way to show how much you appreciate your family by giving gifts, just like Christmas! You don’t have to give out special prizes to have fun, and you don’t always have to buy the supplies for an egg hunt yourself, because this year, you can attend the local Easter Egg hunt at the Highlands Community Church on April 9th.

A Picture of a Bunny in a Watering can, surrounded by eggs.
A Picture of a Bunny in a Watering can, surrounded by eggs.