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How We Feel about the New Science Wing

  (Picture of Studuent Communal Space in the Science Wing)

(Picture of Science Wing Student Hallway)


We were blessed with the new construction on the third floor about two weeks ago. To be honest, this new construction is just what our RedHawkS needed! It’s classy, comfortable, and very convenient. 

Our new science wing is serving vibrant colors and chill vibes. Science teachers like the new environment. We interviewed Ms. Swanson about her transition between classrooms, and how she’s adapting. She says, “The transition was okay, it was a little bit busy trying to pack up everything from the downstairs classroom and get it up here to unpack it, and also maintain having labs during class time. So, I had to wait until I was done with labs before spring break, before I could pack everything, and now I’m frantically trying to unpack to have labs as soon as possible during class.” We asked her how she likes her new classroom compared to her old one. She says she loves her new classroom and finds it gorgeous. She explains how she likes the flexibility, space, and features of her new classroom. 


Now, on to the students. We asked sophomore Valerie Alvarez about her thoughts on the new science wing hallway. She stated, “I think it’s cool, but I also think it doesn’t really fit with the rest of Renton’s vibe.” Luckily, the rest of Renton High School will look like the new science wing in about 12 years!


Here’s a message to the students who like to eat and hang out in the new science wing during lunch; KEEP IT CLEAN! We all love this new addition to our school, so we might as well maintain it.  We are perfectly capable of cleaning up after ourselves and being respectful to the teachers and students who have class. If a teacher lets us know we are being noisy, pipe down on the noise! It’s not cool to be disruptive.  With respect and responsibility, we all can enjoy our new space!


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