Rise And Grind With Renton Redhawks


Photo of the RIse and Grind students taken from the Renton’s Football Instagram.

Isabelle Henderson

By Isabelle Henderson 

Feb 28th, 2023 


Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Or train for a sport? Well, luckily for you, Renton High School’s football team has a program called “Rise and Grind,” where they do morning workouts Monday through Thursday at 5:30am in the weight room. Best of all, everyone is welcome! I have interviewed Jimmy Tran, who is in his second year of participating in the program, and is also part of the football team. I have asked him a few personal questions, and this is what he had to say! 

  1. What is the reason for 5am workouts? 

“5am workouts were made so that we can grow our team, create a deeper bond as a team, and learn to be disciplined. Of course, it is also to get stronger and faster.” 

  1. Why do you personally attend? 

“I attend so I get stronger and faster. I also want to get closer with my teammates.” 

  1. What is your goal? 

“My goal is to improve my technique and also to become a better person.” 

  1. How will these 5am workouts make this year’s football team different? 

“They will help us get stronger, faster, and will help us improve our teamwork.” 

  1. Why would you encourage participation? 

“I would encourage participating if you want to be more healthy, get in shape, and strive to be a better person. All it takes is hardwork and dedication.” 

  1. Would you say the team bonds more because of these workouts? 

“Yes, I would. Our team wakes up early everyday to work harder than the average person would. We gain mutual respect for each other and become closer.”

  1. What are the pros and cons? 

“Pros: teaches you discipline, gets you in shape, helps you become a better person and improve yourself, always on time for school, and you’ll make new friends.” 

“Cons: you have to wake up really early which means you have to change your schedule.” 

  1. Do the workouts have more of a positive or negative effect on your life

“Definitely positive.”

  1. What’s your most memorable experience of doing morning workouts?

“When we did our maxes.” Maxes mean a personal record. 

  1. Would you keep doing these workouts even after the program? 

“It depends on if I have time to come back.” 

Well, there you have it! It was a pleasure to have Jimmy answer some questions. I look forward to talking with him more in the future and I hope he inspires more people to participate in Rise And Grind with the football team, and encourages others to get active, but also to improve themselves. Go Redhawks!