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Insight on Running at RHS: an Interview with Maizey Wheeler

Maizey Wheeler is many things. A great friend, a great student, and most importantly, an exceptional athlete. She is a sophomore at Renton High School, who does two sports, cross country in the fall and track in the spring. Maizey is really focused on her sports, running every day at practice, and every day in the winter when there’s no practice to stay in shape. I got the chance to interview her for this article, and these were her answers to the ten questions I asked her:

1. Why do you enjoy track?

“I enjoy track because I get to spend every day with my amazing team.”

2. What is your favorite part about track?

“The feeling after a good race, and the progress I have made.”

Picture of Maizey Wheeler at Marymoor park running at leagues (Photo by Paul Moto).

3. What’s a good memory you have from track?

“When I found out I was running in leagues, when I was almost positive I wasn’t gonna make it.  Spending time with my team, too.  I love my team.”

4. What would you say to convince someone to join the track team?

“It would depend on the person, but if you wanna get in shape or you’re looking for something fun to do, track would be a nice activity to try out.”

5. Why did you initially join track?

“I initially joined track because it helps me stay in shape for my main spot, Cross Country.”

6. What are some accomplishments or records you’ve achieved on track? “I was the 4th fastest freshman in King County last year, and I’m the 14th fastest in leagues.”

7. What’s it like doing dual sports?

“It’s easy for me because both of my sports are running-based, and I can just focus on running and nothing else.”

8. What’s the hardest part about track?

“Going to track. The motivation to keep going.”

9. Do you like track or XC more?

“Cross, easily.”

10. How are xc and track different?

“Track is my own personal hell and cross is my favorite thing ever. The only reason I do track is to stay in shape for cross.”

Interviewing Maizey was a great experience. Hearing about some of the other sports at our school was very insightful and interesting. Maizey is kind and loves the people around her, as seen in her interview responses. Congratulations to Maizey for all of her accomplishments, and I wish her well in all future seasons!

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