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What do Graduates Think of RHS Soccer?

(Picture of Renton Memorial Stadium Track & Field)


Have you ever wondered what Renton soccer players think about the sport after graduation? This is an interview with a graduate student from Renton High School. He shares what he thinks about the soccer team now.


1.What do you think about the years you played on this soccer team?

“It was fun but I wish we won more though.”

2 .Out of all four years, which one was your favorite?

“Junior year ’cause it was the year after Covid and we actually played like full games with an actual full team.”

3. How do you think the team is going to do this year?

“I don’t know. To be honest you guys got some good players like Joe, Nathan, Olvin, and them but I don’t know. I haven’t really seen any new players to really know, but hopefully you guys do good.”

4. What got you started with soccer?

“By just watching it and playing when I was younger.”

5. What team do you support?  

“Guadalajara and their nickname is Chivas.”

6. What are your favorite positions to play on the field?

“Right back.”

7. Who do you think is the best player?

“Javier Hernández Balcázar, commonly known by the nickname Chicharito.”

8. Who is the best player on the team?

“Olvin, Joseph, Junior, and Alex.”

9. Do you miss playing with the team?

“Yes, I miss playing with my friends.”

10. Where do you stand with all the players?

“I think I’m in the middle.”


Overall, this interview was a fascinating insight into how RHS soccer players feel about the sport, even after leaving. The interviewee seems to think very highly of our soccer team.

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About the Contributor
Jesus Trujillo, Journalist
My name is Jesus Trujill. I'm in the 10th grade. I play for the soccer team for our school. I like playing video games in my free time.