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Crimes in Renton

Crimes are happening around Renton, Washington. Always be aware of what’s happening around the area you live and be careful overall, everywhere and anytime. This is just a view examples of what’s happening around here. 


Washington State Patrol looks for suspect who shot at a driver in a road rage incident.

Backstory~ The Incident happened on March 25th at 7:00 pm. A Jeep driver tried to pass the victim but due to the traffic, they could not. The driver threw a fast food cup at the victim and then the victim threw a Hydro Flask at the Jeep. The Jeep driver didn’t take that well, they pulled up next to the victims car and fired a shot from their handgun.


Renton mom accused of child abuse sues for false allegations.

Backstory~ A Renton mom is trying to clear her name and sue for accusations of child abuse. She says the allegations were made up by Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her daughter had over 500 medical appointments. The mother says that she was seeking treatment for her daughter’s case of AHC. She says during the time she was fighting in court, she was receiving death threats while her story was being spread viral online. 


Local hairdresser was shot to death and found in Mexico.

Backstory~ The local hairdresser lived in Renton, Washington and owned a salon. She went missing for a month before this happened. She was shot in the head and her body was found in Mexico. They brought her back to the U.S and they did an autopsy on her. 


Renton police are investigating a murder of a 70-year old woman. 

Backstory~ Police were called about a woman lying right in front of her house. When they arrived, they saw that she had multiple wounds on her upper body and a knife that was supposedly used in the murder. They took custody of a relative, and are still unsure if he’s a suspect.


Police warn of child luring suspect in the Renton Highlands area.

Backstory~ A girl had exited off of the school bus and was walking with her friend. After her friend was gone, a Ford Sedan drove up to her. The man inside the car asked her if she needed a ride home. The man continued following her and asked if she needed a ride for the second time. She decided to stop by her friend’s house since it was the closest. When she approached the front door, the man in the Sedan drove off. According to RPD (Renton Police Department) there were also two other luring attempts the previous week. 


A man in Renton was charged for a 1994 cold case murder of a mom.

Backstory ~ In October of 1994, Stacy (23 years old) and her son Jacob (3 years old) were found dead by a dead end road with gunshot wounds. The police did an autopsy and found DNA from an unknown man, but found a match in 2002. The DNA was linked to a man named Jerome Jones (51 years old). He was previously in jail for a murder of another man in 1995. He got extradited back to Washington to face his charges. He’s scheduled to be arraigned on May 9th for the aggravated murders. 


In conclusion, I hope this gives you a cautious image of how much danger there is in the world. Be safe and stay aware of what’s happening around you.

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