Multicultural Week: The Week You Can’t Miss!

Kate Godunov, Assistant Editor

Multicultural Week! It’s one of the most important weeks at Renton High School that takes months and months of preparation. Countless clubs and students audition for Multi to show off heritage and culture with wonderful performances such as dance routines and a fashion show. 

Within Multi auditions, clubs like FSU, BSU, and KPOP took the stage by storm. Individual groups of students wowed the judges with their style and flair. I got the opportunity to ask performers in these groups about their audition. Daijah Harrison, one of the students performing Folklorico which is a collective term for traditional Latin American dances, when asked about her favorite moment said,

My favorite moment was when all of us were laughing while dancing and having a good time while putting our all into the audition.”-Daijah Harrison

Jericho Jose, a member of the FSU, commented on how he was fine with messing up because it helped him realize what he needed to work on. Member Narciso Carig also had a similar mindset regarding mistakes stating,

“I definitely had a few less mistakes from the past few weeks and even with mistakes, it just means I can improve for the final show!”-Narciso Carig

FSU has a total of three culturally significant dances they will perform for February’s Multi Show. They will perform Tinikling, the Candle Dance, and Cotillion. 

Another well-known club that auditioned for Multi-Week was KPOP, in which they will perform a total of four dance routines and one dance routine that the club officers will perform. Dancer Mercedes Saetern commented on how, despite dancing on stage being a heart-racing experience, her peers helped her bring confidence in her performances. Performing on stage is a nerve-wracking experience, but these Multicultural Show performers shake off those fears and bring an impactful performance to each of their auditions.

One can only be excited about how the polished show will play out based on what I had seen in the auditions. I hope you will come to watch these amazing acts when they will officially perform!