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The Global Uprise of Smiskis – Is it worth the hype?

Smiskis have currently been on an international rise and are sold out globally. Even though their targeted audience are for kids ages 3 and up, there are multiple older individuals that still collect these adorable little figurines. Just what makes these little figurines so special, and is it  worth the hype? 


Smiskis being Sold Out on Lumius Inc.  

(A Global Online Website)


What are Smiskis? 

Smiskis are a funny and mischievous little ghost that hides in the day, but pops out at  nighttime. Smiskis are owned by Dreams CO., LTD and originated in 1996 in Japan. They are known for their glow in the dark ability due to the phosphorescent material they are made out of. This  special phosphorescent material captures light and stores it. Once the material is in a dark area, it releases the captured light and glows in the dark. This mesmerizing material is what captures many hearts and leads to many people buying them. 


How did they gain popularity? 

Due to the unique glowing feature that Smiskis have, it gained a lot of popularity and it has caused them to be sold out. The glow in the dark aspect isn’t the only thing that caused it to gain popularity though. Each Smiski has its own unique pose depending on what series it is in. Each series has 6 different types of poses, and a super secret 7th pose that is much more rare to find. This is why collectors are on a rave, in order to gather every type of Smiski there is. All these different types of poses are what makes the Smiski unique to the owner, and why newbies or even collectors continue to love collecting them. 

With its upcoming popularity, many different people collect the Smiskis in many different  ways. Here are the two most popular ways. The first way is to give the Smiskis a dedicated shelf.  With the shelf, the Smiskis are showcased in an organized yet appealing way. This way also  elevates the charming poses, and makes it shine even more. The second way is to add them as  a feature around the house. For example, the toothbrush series is a way for the Smiski to hold  your personal toothbrush and have it as a decoration in your bathroom. Having a certain type of  series can change the way of your decorations, which is why each series is so unique.


Smiskis Toothbrush Series 

Image from Official Smiskis Website


Smiskis vs Sonny Angels – Which is better? 

Sonny Angels are another type of figurine that have been gaining popularity as well. They were created by Toru Soeya, the CEO of Dreams CO., (Same company as Smiski). Sonny Angels are a small angel boy that wears different types of headgear in order to make you smile and gives you healing. There are over 650 of these silly little toys and each one of them brings happiness into your life. 

Even though each is very different in their own ways, they both have an element that people love.  That element is the blind factor when opening     the pack you get. This blind factor for pulling the    Smiski or Sonny Angel creates an exciting experience and creates adrenaline in hopes of the        .  There are also many people who connect with each other due to their interest in Smiskis and Sonny Angels. This builds a tight community, which is also  why both have been in a global uprise.  


Smiskis and Sonny Angels   (Top) (Bottom)  (Image from Kawaii Gifts)


Are they Worth it? 

Due to the unique poses and special phosphorescent material, Smiskis have gained  popularity and spread joy to people all around the world. Whether you get Smiskis or Sonny  Angels, you will still get a fun experience opening them and collecting the different types of  figurines there are. Many people enjoy collecting Smiskis and maybe you might too. Depending  on what you like to collect, or how you want to decorate things, Smiskis are definitely worth the  hype.  



Official Smiskis: 

FriendsNYC: about-these-cutie 

collectibles#:~:text=With%20their%20endearing%20designs%20and,eagerly%20collecting%20t hese%20whimsical%20treasures.  

Papeterie Makkura: 

smiski#:~:text=SMISKI%20is%20a%20trademark%20owned,founded%20in%201996%20in%20 Japan.  

Sonny Angel Store: 

01#:~:text=SMISKI%20is%20made%20of%20phosphorescent,included%20in%20one%20assor t%20box.  

Official Sonny Angels:

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