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Weekly Horoscopes with Renton Hawk Eye

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The Planets continue to orbit, these are the horoscopes for the week.


This week, lots of things will be going on for you. Whether it is communication, exploration, or just relaxation you’ve got it cut out for you! The communication aspect of this week leads you to speak for your assets, and maybe networking along the way could throw some good opportunities. Exploration and relaxation is a 2-in-1 combo! The urge to travel is in everyone, but you’re itching for it! See where this week takes you…



During this week, you’ve got money on your mind! not  just for you though, but for the many generations to follow (that you do hope exist…). Take a look at things with an open mind, and don’t be quick to judge.  “Put your money where your mouth is” , maybe go get that thing that is lingering in the back of your mind? With the bit of extra money coming your way, what’s the worst that could happen?



 This week, insecurities belong in the trash! Break free from the expectations of others, it’s your life! Enjoy what and who you have, with the double blessings. Since its finally your season, make it worthwhile. With luck on your side for the next year, take a few risks. Use that charm of yours to bag yourself someone to talk to (or even go out with!). This someone could be someone you keep for the rest of your life…



 During this week, you probably need a break. And it’s totally valid. Life is filled with twists and turns that we can’t always dodge. Work on yourself, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed. Working on our health is important, so get yourself out there! Go on a run (or jog), whatever gets you back on your feet Cancer.



This week, let’s talk! Well more as in, go chat with your friends! With a fully charged social battery, put it to use. Get back in touch with some of your social circles. Don’t be shy and talk to someone you’ve also had your eye on. All flames need a spark! Now that you have some friends to hangout with, head out and have fun! Dance, game, and party! That sounds like a lot of fun.



 During this week, It may feel like everything is weighing you down.Making a compromise whether you like it or not is bound to happen. With something at home coming to a close, you might feel like the world is falling apart. But it’s normal to feel those emotions, so let them out. As you move past the downs  of the week, you want to make some changes, especially in your career. Maybe your current job isn’t the best fit, so moving on is a good choice. You know what’s best.



This week, you’re dreaming big, huge! Expressing yourself is a goal for you this week. Let the world know who you are and what you stand for! But that’s not the only thing you plan to do. Expansion was sitting away in the corner of your mind. With the weekend coming up, make a list of the places you’re heading to. Start planning, cause you Libra are heading out on an adventure of a lifetime!.



 During this week, a lot is going on with your self-esteem. You’ll be manifesting your goals, both long and short term. And when you least expect it, what you want will be waiting at your doorstep. On a side note, be careful of who you tell your secrets to, you never know who they’ll be telling. Especially when those secrets are juicy.



This week, relationships are floating in your mind. You want to find that ‘special someone’ sooner than later. With the week being your social peak, get ready to party and mingle! How else did you plan on finding someone? Oh, you have someone already? Well good news for you, some relationship goals will be ticked off your list. With all that aside, just know Sag that all eyes are on you!



During this week, don’t overwork yourself. With you being very emotional, we don’t need you to be over stimulated. Work on yourself and your health. Recharge and lay low. With this much needed rest, you’ll be up and ready for the week and plans to come. Knowing you have plans for classes or things you want to do, switch some things up. And lastly, rest well Capricorn.



This week, it’s all about self-love and expressing yourself. With lots of creative juices flowing, getting it down is important. A key piece in self-love is not letting others oppress you. Cut off some frenemies and have friends who support you. That’s what a friend is supposed to do! Your social networks are shooting through the roof, so take that chance and let the world know you’re here!



During this week, you’re feeling extra bold. With the desire to step out of your comfort zone, is this the life you’ve always wanted to lead? The job you wanted? You know you can reach further than where you are right now! With home close to your heart, staying close to your family will help you reach your goals. Head over heart is always the right choice, and that’s for you to make up.




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