Arrest of Evan Gershkovich in Russia

Alex Phan

Picture of Evan Gershkovich’s lawyer talking to the media outside Moscow Court Photo.

Evan Gershkovich, a wall street journal reporter, has been arrested in Russia by the FSB, which was the KGB but for modern Russia, and is similar to the FBI in the United States. The Reporter was arrested for gaining leverage against the United States and sending a warning to foreign journalists about the risk of reporting on Russian affairs, such as the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, or the position of Russia right now as Western countries won’t trade with Russia. The risk may also be higher if the foreign reports on the Status of the Russian military or what the Government is doing.


Western media pulled some if not all their journalists out of Moscow as a result of the rising tension in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The arrest of Gershkovich would make it harder for other journalists in the country of Russia since the post-soviet era.

Maria Korchagina of ZKS law firm is representing Mr. Gershkobich and is retained by Dow Jones & Co. The parent company of the journal told reporters outside of the courthouse that his lawyer requested that he be transferred to house arrest and receive a bail of 50 million rubles, which is $600,000 USD. However, the court refused to grant that appeal.

Picture of Evan Gerhkovich at the Court hearing in the Moscow court.

In the end, the reporters of the west should leave Russia because it is not safe to report news for the media since they’re at risk of being captured or maybe even killed. It’s best for reporters to be as cautious as possible and return home safe.