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No Hate Tour Assembly

The No Hate Tour was welcomed by our ASB to be part of our recent assembly on April 4, 2024. The No Hate Tour is a program that shares awareness regarding bullying and various tools to prevent it for students. They put on a one of a kind experience at RHS by performing complex and entertaining tricks on bikes, along with motivational speeches to all students.

(Sheila Magana, Alina Ablahad, Shayra April Saliba, George Miguel Guieb with Matt Mecher after the assembly)

The assembly was remarkably enjoyable by many students. Sheila Magana, who is a sophomore, gained great pleasure from everything the No Hate Tour had to offer. Like Lucy Cave, who is also a sophomore, enjoyed the bike tricks they performed. Lucy mentions, “The bike tricks were super awesome and I got my shoe signed!!¨ She certainly showed that this recent assembly is an unforgettable memory. She also enjoyed the relatable topics they discussed about the two kinds of bullying. Sal Hollins, who is a sophomore as well, enjoyed listening to the life stories of the riders. Her favorite stunt was from Koji Kraft. Sal explains, “The flip Koji did was like a circle twice.¨ While Lucy’s favorite stunt was performed by Matt Mecher. She says, ¨When Matt Mecher flipped over those marines because it was lowkey nerve-wracking, but so so cool!!¨ This stunt from Matt was undeniably dangerous and one of the special stunts performed that took all of the students’ attention. It challenged him to flip over two marines without getting anyone hurt. Stunningly, the stunt from Matt was very successful. 

(Sal Hollins, Makayla Grace Diego, Khanti Chamvong with Morgan Wade after the assembly)

(Lucy Cave with Koji Kraft after the assembly)

All three sophomores would like to give thanks to the No Hate Tour. Sheila Magana shares, ¨Thank you for coming to Renton High School, it was an amazing experience.¨ Both Sal and Lucy can agree with Sheila that the tour was impressive and surely an assembly to love. Sheila´s biggest takeaway from their motivational speeches was ¨We shouldn´t let people’s judgment get to us, instead we should ignore it and keep going.¨ There will always be someone who is going to judge you, but the best thing to do is to focus on what you know is best for you. And like Sal mentions, ¨You´re better than your haters.¨ Why listen to the people who discourage you when you can instead listen to the trusted people who want to support you? 

(Sal Hollins, Makayla Grace Diego, Khanti Chamvong with Zach Yankush after the assembly)

Once more, thank you to the No Hate Tour for setting an unforgettable assembly at Renton High School. They left students speechless and they positively impacted students viewpoints. 

Watch more magnificent bike tricks and their impact regarding bullying on their instagram page at @nohatetour. 



Sheila Magana

Sal Hollins

Lucy Cave

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