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RHS Band Superior Rating

The RHS band successfully received a superior rating in March 2024. With their hard work, dedication to the performance, and with the help of our very own RHS band director Mr. Bores, they were able to triumph the competition with ease. In this interview, senior band players share their experience in the RHS band that resulted in receiving their Superior Rating Award.


(Headshot of Kristy Nguyen) 


After obtaining a superior rating for the first time in over a decade, the RHS band students were very excited. Some of the students received their first ever superior rating. Kristy Nguyen states, “I feel really good because this is the first time I’ve gotten a superior in my 4 years and I think we did really well.” After their performance, Sophia Laroza sensed the reaction from the audience and the judges that their performance was more successful than they thought. Sophia said,It was so funny because me and my friend were sitting behind Mr. Bores, our band teacher. And then he didn’t want to tell people the rating…But we couldn’t say anything to everybody else but we knew what we got.” Before the results of their performance was revealed, it was very clear to another senior, Annie, what they deserved. 


The RHS band students simply believed their ambitious work and focus was what led them to their significant success. Before the event, the RHS band had a Winter Concert. The Winter Concert helped all of the band students recognize what they should focus on in order to improve and how to help students become less nervous. They also believed that having Mr. Bores´s support was also very helpful. Johrdon Allen tells us, “He helped us come together to make it sound like an actual song instead of like it just being everywhere.” Mr. Bores did not only help his students, but allowed them to learn how to balance different important aspects of songs. Additionally, on the day of their major performance, the RHS band students were very impressed by the other exceedingly talented school bands, who were also performing at the event and they surely enjoyed listening to the chosen songs from the other school bands. Reflecting on their reactions to the other school bands, they had not believed it was possible to receive such a high rating for their performance. After each performance from a school, judges would critique and advise each band on what next steps they could focus on. The RHS band took these moments to their advantage to listen to the critiques and apply it to what they can work on.


(Headshot of Sophia Laroza) 


It took numerous people to come together and gain this spectacular rating. The RHS band students would like to say thank you and give credit to the RHS band director, Mr. Bores. Sophia says, “He has helped me a lot. He convinced me to drop out of the IB diploma program to be in band. I love the band a lot. He makes it really fun and I just think he’s a great teacher.” Mr. Bores has been extremely helpful, especially at helping his students find what they may be passionate about. He also helped them recognize the importance of group effort. Like Johrdon mentions, “We all got to come together and get a superior from the judges.” Every student had to take part in the show in order to create a successful performance. Similarly to Kristy, not only would she like to give credit to Mr. Bores, but to all the band students for staying resilient during their rehearsals


(Headshot of Johrdon Allen)


The dedication the RHS band students have put in for this performance, concerts, and other events truly paid off. Once more, congratulations to our RHS band! You can see the RHS band perform at basketball and football games. The band´s success was well deserved and we wish the RHS band to have more opportunities to showcase their tremendous skills!

Note: Congratulations to RHS Orchestra as well for earning a superior rating too!

Sources (Interviewees): 

  • Kristy Nguyen 
  • Johrdon Allen
  • Sophia Laroza
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