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An Interview with Mr. Lim

I have interviewed Renton High School’s choir teacher.  As one of his students, I can say he is one of most important teachers to most of the student who have had his classes. He is the only Acapella Choir teacher.  He is the one that makes connections with his students by helping them to get more involved with his classes. He tries his best to get students to get out of their comfort zone and he helps students with learning to speak/ sing out. He also helps them find their talents when it comes to singing. Below are the questions I asked and his responses during the interview:


1. How did you start your teaching career as a choir and acapella teacher?  What caused you to choose this path that you go on now?

“I started teaching after taking classes at the University of Washington taking assessments in music.  I enjoyed music more than coding, so I decided to teach music.

2. What career did you want when you were little?

“When I was younger, I wanted to become a doctor.  He then joked that all Asians want to become doctors.”

3. What is the hardest part of being a music teacher?

“For me the hardest part for me is dealing with students that don’t respond responsibly to class or intend to participate with the activities.”

4. Do you still have to practice your vocals?

“Yes, I still practice my vocals outside of school/ work place. I sing in a choir outside of school as a social activity with my wife.”

5. What are the most important goals for you when it comes to your students?

“For me the most important thing for my students is to communicate with them to help them find a way to become a part of class and be more social.”

6. How long did it take to get to where you are now?

“As you know I am getting ready to retire. I went to collage to get Bachelors then Masters, and then taught for 30 years. I am now hoping to find a good way to end my career.”

7. What do you do with a student who resists music?

“I try talking and paying more attention to the student. If I see little to no change of behavior, I move on to the next student or whoever needs more help and my attention.”

8. What kind of discipline do you require as an Acapella teacher?

“I try to look at the positive side of things. I feel like it gives me a reason to keep going.”

9. What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

“I would say that my strengths are being a positive looker or looking at the bright side of things.  Sometimes it’s not avoidable when it comes to the point where you are overwhelmed and sucked into the bad side of the drama.”

10. Describe your experience working with Special Education students?

“I try to approach special students by finding out what works well with them and if not, I try to find another way to work with them. I try to involve all students or anyone no matter the disability or ability. Anyone can participate and feel like something or be a part of something. I sometimes joke with students to connect with them. I try to work with the in any way that fits their way of learning. I try to inspire them to be the best they can. I mix the teaching styles depending on the student and their way of learning.”


As you can see, he is one of the teachers which are most needed in our schools.  He tries to involve all of the students. He is a teacher who wants everyone to experience or to try to experience what he did when he first found his talent for singing. I truly appreciate what he does for us. When it comes to cultures, he tries to include everyone.


Picture of Mr.Lim

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