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Keeping up with Mr. Willecke

I chose to interview Mr. Willecke about his connections and experiences at RHS. Mr. Willecke is well-known and well-liked around the school. He is always positive, inspiring to others, and knows how to make one laugh when they had a bad day. 


When, how, and why did you start working at RHS? 

“I started working here in 2016. How? I was working in a jail for the city of Kirkland and I really didn’t like my job. Mrs. Willecke was working at Renton and she told me how much she loved it. I’m also an alumni of Renton, so I quit my job, and went back to school for teaching. This was my first job I got after I graduated from college.” 

What is your favorite thing about working at RHS? 

“My favorite thing about working here is spending time with the kids. I also love the diversity and being around youth, and helping guide them to where they want to be in life.”

If I were to ask one of your students to describe Mr. Willecke, what would they say?

“They would tell you I’m an amazing P.E. teacher.”

How is it working at the same school as your wife, Mrs. Willecke?

“It is really good. It’s good to see her when I want. If I ever need to vent or talk to her about something, she’s right there. But we don’t drive together because she’s always late.”

What is a long-term goal you’ve set in the past that you’re still working towards today?

“I’ve reached a lot of my goals. I’m currently working on another certification to be able to teach CTE classes, and I’m always working on my goal for early retirement so Mrs. Willecke and I can move to Costa Rica.”

If you weren’t a P.E. Teacher, what would you teach?

“I would love to teach financial literacy or something like entrepreneurship or business. Something I think is really important that students need to know about.”

What’s your favorite class to teach and why?

“I really enjoy teaching yoga class. It’s a lot of fun. But all my classes have benefits and I just enjoy teaching physical education.”

If you were the principal of RHS how would you run our school? 

“I would run it very strictly, almost military style. When students go to the bathroom they have to run there and run back. They would be doing push-ups and sit-ups whenever they needed some discipline in their life.”

How many Matter of the Heart awards have you received? 

“I am lucky enough to receive 3 Matter of the Heart awards.”

How do you recharge when having a bad day? 

“From yoga, I kinda know to take a breath and relax.  If I need some more deep communication I go see Mrs. Willecke, and that always brightens my day.”

Is there anything else you would like to say to the RHS community?

“I really enjoy working here.  I take a lot of pride in being from Renton and graduating from Renton High School. I encourage all students to pursue what you want to be in life.”


It is obvious that Mr. Willecke loves and takes pride in where he works and his community. Winning 3 Matter of the Heart awards shows that his community loves him back. 


(Picture of Mr.Willecke.)

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