Teacher’s Appreciation Week


A Photo of a flower with some of the goodies given to teachers by the leadership students.

Ja'Lohn Menyweather


As many of you may know, last week was Teacher’s Appreciation Week!  To celebrate this, we’ve compiled some of the many reasons why we appreciate the teachers here at Renton High School as well as shared a bit of brief history on teacher’s appreciation week. Just because the week is over does not mean you cannot appreciate our teachers every day! Here are just a few reasons why our teachers are great:

1: They are understanding and compassionate with students.

2: Many offer after-school help and guidance. 

3: Some help organize events and help our school’s sports teams.

4: They help students with special needs.

5: They play a big part in our communities and our lives.

The history behind this week:

The history dates back to 1953 when former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt convinced congress to make a specific day to recognize teachers. Teacher’s Day was originally held on March 7th until 1984, when it was switched to May and renamed to “Teacher’s Appreciation Week,” though some states like Massachusetts celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Week on a different day.

In conclusion, our teachers help us to be successful in school and in life.  They inspire us every day to be the best version of ourselves.  We are very thankful for our teachers and we appreciate all that they do to help make our world a better place!