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Interviewing the RHS VolleyBall Team

Volleyball at Renton High is a sport where people can create new bonds and friendships. People have grown to deal with each other and it is a management exercise for some people. Renton volleyball is also a very competitive and challenging sport. Friendship is not the sole reason people join. People join the team because they want to challenge themselves.  Most players love the sport and need the challenge in their life.  You should consider joining the team and try it out! 


 (Elisse Meija #3 player)


RHS Senior Elisse Hyacinth Meija: 

How was the season for you? 

I would say I had enjoyed my final season. I’ve had a couple of mishaps here and there, but there were more fun and memorable moments than there were bad ones.” 

Why did you choose volleyball over other sports? 

“I chose volleyball for my fall sport because I’ve watched college athletes play and I wanted to learn how to hit, dive, and set like them.” 

Who influenced you to play volleyball? 

“I didn’t really have anyone influence me. I joined out of my own interest and wanted to see how far I would be able to go with it.”


(Neyah Magno-Ytac #17 player)


RHS Sophomore Neyah Magno-Ytac:

Who influenced you to play volleyball? 

“My big sisters influenced me to play volleyball. They played while they were here at Renton High, so I wanted to continue the journey for them and me. That was a big part of why I started volleyball. I look up to them. They were just the start of my passion for volleyball.”

What do you think next year’s season will be/look like?

“It’s gonna be better. I will have a better chance on the team knowing I have good potential and our record will be better than the 2023-2024 season.”

What was your biggest motivation for the season?

“My biggest motivation to keep playing was definitely my team. If I didn’t have my own back they would have mine… Every loss made me wanna go 10x harder to get back every time.”


(Jenny Le #22 player)


RHS Senior Jenny Le:

Why did you choose volleyball over all other sports?

“After lockdown, I practically started at a new school and felt like joining a sport would be a good way for me to socialize and meet new people. I initially wasn’t going to join due to my lack of experience but I ended up choosing volleyball at the beginning of my sophomore year.” 

How was the season for you? 

“For the 3 seasons that I have played volleyball at Renton High, I felt like my senior year was my favorite. I loved the bonds that were created and I grew attached to it.” 

Who influenced you to play volleyball? 

“There wasn’t a specific person that influenced me to join volleyball, but the people that influenced me to keep coming back were my teammates. I think joining volleyball was one of my best decisions. I’ve met great people and found something that I enjoy.” 

(RHS volleyball team together in gymnasium)

(Two RHS volleyball players ready to play)


In conclusion, volleyball is an excellent sport to join. Although this year’s volleyball season did not go as planned, the team still enjoyed their moments together.  Other than friendships and bonds, wins or loses, they will always be a big family. Next year they will work harder to get to the top and achieve their goals to satisfy themselves and our school. Don’t forget to come join if you would like to play volleyball and help the program!


Sources: Elisse Hyacinth meija, Neyah Magno-Ytac and Jenny Le

Photo credits: Elisse Hyacinth Meija 

Written by: Vynessa Chanthavong-Saechao

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