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Does RHS Need More Art Around The School?

Does RHS Need More Art Around The School?

Does RHS need more art around the school?


                                               Abstract Art by Zaid Hernandez-Chino


As a student at RHS, one of the things I heard being voiced the most by the student body was the disappointment of the graffiti bathroom being painted over. I specifically remember everyone commenting on how they thought the graffiti bathroom was the most artistic and creative piece the school had. So that brings me to question: Does RHS need more visual art hung and presented around our school? Senior Zaid Hernandez-Chino feels there should be more art around the school. ̈They should put up more things on the wall, I feel like it could add more color, adding murals would also make the school feel more like home, ̈ Hernandez-Chino said. Art is known to bring emotional power, students at RHS appreciated the graffiti bathroom not simply because it was a beauty to look at but because of the emotional power the mural held. Each student had their own sense of connection with the mural, which in some way made the school feel like home. Now listen in to the interview with Zaid Hernandez-Chino about his personal experiences and liking to art.


1.  When did you first get into art, what sparked your interest and why?

I first got into art when I was in 5th grade, I remember I would always draw with my friends and we would always be competing and that would push me to become a better artist. My art was very struggling at first, not knowing how I should draw certain things, but after a lot of practice and sketching I finally was able to develop a style.


2.  Do you take pride in your art pieces, why or why not?

I take pride in my art pieces, but there’s always something in my art that I’m not really proud of, it could be the color, the use of space, or just something that I know I could have improved, but I guess that’s just what being an artist is like.


3.  If you could have a microphone to speak to the whole world about art for one minute, how would you describe art and what would you want to tell them most importantly about art?

I would tell people that art is everywhere, everyone has a chance to be an artist and everyone is an artist. I would describe art as something you can’t define, because art is very subjective to each person. The people that have their own views that make up the art. I feel like it is just another way for artists to express themselves.


4.  How much of an impact do you think there would be if RHS had no sense of creativity going around?

I feel like students would become bored of school, in some sense lose life, like when they removed the graffiti bathroom. It’s very important that we add creativity and expression to the building as it helps us understand each other and connect with one another.


5.  Why is art important to you?

Because it’s a way I can express myself, and to let people see what I see, I feel like sometimes when I can’t say certain things it is easier to make art out of it. A lot of my pieces contain different kinds of things but all relate to me and all a piece of myself.


Conclusion: What we can do as students at RHS is to continue to shine our creativity to one another and our staff by promoting the life of the student body through art and knowing it’s what makes RHS our home.

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